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Re-Energizing an Icon: Transforming a Mid-Century Modern House into a Green, Zero-Energy, 21st Century Home

This course showcases a groundbreaking restoration/sustainability upgrade of a vintage, "mid-century modern" house in the Southwestern US. The course describes the process "from design through construction" of renovating this classic 1960's house into a high performance, 21st century home that actually generates more energy than it consumes. Special attention is paid to how architects can achieve very high sustainability goals without compromising the design intent of the original building. The course concludes with a video walking tour that highlights and further explains the project's high performance features.

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Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Discuss how a renovation project can effectively balance very aggressive sustainability goals with deep respect for the design intent of the original home.
  • Describe a series of innovative strategies for radically improving the performance of an existing building's roof, floor and walls.
  • List key HVAC, lighting and plumbing upgrades that can improve comfort – and reduce energy and water use in a home renovation project.
  • Explain how green fixtures, furnishings and finishes can contribute to indoor environmental quality and sustainability.
  • Describe how innovative landscaping strategies can provide environmental benefits.
  • Discuss US Department of Energy programs that support the creation of high performance, "Net Zero Energy" homes.

AIA logo Credits: 1.00 HSW

This course was approved by the GBCI for 1 GBCI credit hour(s) for LEED Credential Maintenance.

Course Outline:

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This test is no longer available for credit
Re-Energizing an Icon: Transforming a Mid-Century Modern House into a Green, Zero-Energy, 21st Century Home
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